Future EdTech: Innovating to create automated, accurate citations

Hey, it’s Jock from RefME here!

In a little under a week the Future EdTech Conference will be upon us – myself and the team at RefME are excited to say the least. We’re looking forward to meeting with the very people who share our passion for leveraging technology to enhance students’ learning experiences and improve academic performance.

RefME launched in March 2014 and since inception we’ve seen a revolution from the ground up, with just under 1m students joining us to automate their citations and bibliographies in one of over 7,500 referencing styles.

However, creating citations, references and bibliographies is only the beginning. RefME has the scope to be so much more for our student users and as we get closer to the start of the next UK/US academic term (Sept 15) you’ll start to see what we’ve been working hard on.

Whether you have been using and recommending RefME to students or this is something new to you, we’re sure that this conference is the perfect time to start a conversation with our team and allow us to give:

  • An introduction to RefME, with a hands-on experience of the app and web platform.
  • The chance to explore our citation data and see exactly which resources students are using.
  • A sneak peek at our brand new partnership offering for your institute.

To get a sense of RefME, either sign up at our website RefME.com or download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

We’ll be at Stand 5 at the Future EdTech Innovation exhibition. If you’d like to set up a meeting to discuss RefME and the potential or have any questions, then drop me a line at jock@refme.com

The RefME team looks forward to meeting you at Future EdTech soon!


P.S. For the social media users amongst you, you can follow us @GetRefME and facebook.com/RefME for the latest news, previews and updates from the team as the conference approaches.