Brainy Trainee – 7 Compelling Tools to Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Scott Ragin is an online tutor and experienced high school educator. Scott is always trying to create all the necessary conditions for the development of a well integrated personality in his students.  Cognitive sciences are doing their best to finally answer the question – how does the brain work? Although a significant theoretical progress has […]

A Student Guide to Productivity

Peter Mercer is a Lancaster based student landlord and director of Student HQ. Peter doesn’t consider being a landlord simply as a money making exercise, but feels that there is a social responsibility to keep his properties well maintained and to ensure all tenants are treated fairly.   Stay Off Social Media This is a […]

9 Resources That Will Help You Write The Perfect Admissions Essay

Mary Walton is a professional editor and online tutor. Her tutoring work with people of all ages has allowed her to explore education in all of its guises. Her blog shares more on what she has learned from her experiences.     It’s time to start thinking about getting your college applications ready. You may […]

10 Things We Discovered About Students’ Attitudes Towards Plagiarism

Referencing has long been considered an essential practice in academia, but the increasing availability of information in today’s digital age has fundamentally changed the way some students perceive ‘giving credit where credit is due’. It is therefore crucial that students are well-informed on how and when to reference so that they can avoid being marked […]

Melania Trump fails to cite her homework in speech to GOP Convention

(CNN, 2016) Now it’s not the first time a politician or a celebrity in the spotlight has been ‘called out for copying’ (Fawzy, 2016) or caught ‘borrowing’ other people’s ideas. So for Melania Trump, and whoever her speech writer is (sorry, was), last night’s speech at the GOP Convention was a tad embarrassing. Proving that […]

MLA 8, or: citing in the 21st century

The shiny new edition of the MLA Handbook came out earlier this year and we were obviously one of the first to get our hands on it. Yes, we’re that serious about referencing. So, what’s new and important for students, researchers and educators to know? What are the big changes between MLA 7 and MLA […]

Survey Reveals Unique Insights to US Students’ Attitudes Towards Plagiarism

  Here at Cite This For Me, we wanted to find out if citing correctly is a genuine concern for students in the US, how knowledgeable they really are on the subject, and their general attitude towards plagiarism. In February 2016 we conducted two online surveys among 2,111 US students currently enrolled in higher education. The […]

A Limerick of Luck

RefME are sharing a wee bit of Irish cheer for St.Patrick’s Day with a quirky limerick for all the students who are working on their final assignments. Have a happy St.Patrick’s Day however you may be celebrating! Select your local site to start creating citations with RefME: UK | US | Worldwide RefME for iOS […]

A Big Data Arms Race

There is no escaping it: ‘[w]e are living in the data age’ (House of Commons, 2016, p. 3) and the report goes on to state that global data is predicted to grow at 40% every year over the next decade, effectively doubling every other year. In today’s world, the need to consider what to do […]

What Would A Mother Not Do For Her Kids?

Mothers are to be celebrated across the country this weekend – and rightly so for all the wonderful things they do for their children. Whether it’s washing the pungent, post-exercise contents of your linen basket, travelling long distances to see you for the day, or simply bringing you a cup of tea in bed – […]