UAL Harvard Referencing

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What is UAL Harvard referencing?

Academic referencing is used to show when ideas, facts and information from another author have contributed to a paper or piece of research. There are many styles of referencing, but the most common is Harvard style. UAL Harvard referencing is a variation of the Harvard style and is used at the University of the Arts London, where it gets its name.

UAL Harvard style uses the same general format as Harvard style. The contributing author’s name is shown in a citation within the text along with the year of publication. Each citation has its corresponding reference in the alphabetised reference list at the end of the paper or publication. This system allows the reader to see which author has contributed to each section without checking the reference list.

How to UAL Harvard reference

UAL Harvard referencing is comprised of two parts, the citation and the full reference. The citation appears in brackets within the text and includes the author’s name and the year of publication. When the author’s name is already used in the text, only the date is shown in the brackets.

The full reference includes all the information needed for the reader to identify and find the original source. The full reference should always begin with the author’s name and year of publication to help the reader to link with the in-text citation.

Citations always include the author name and year of publication. However, in the reference list each source type uses a variation of the style format – for example, a website or a video should be formatted differently to an academic journal or book.

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UAL Harvard Referencing example

In-text example:

The sky is blue (Cottrell, 2013)

Bibliography example:

Cottrell, S. (2013) The study skills handbook. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.